Frequently asked questions

What is the curative water?

Curative water: a kind of natural mineral water, which has proven healing effects. When used for internal purposes (drinking, bottling, inhalation) curative water is water that:
  • fits the requirement of mineral water, and can be drunk or inhaled with compliance to consumer regulation, and has proven healing effects.

What is the mineral water?

Natural mineral water: it is for human consumption in its natural state, it is officially recognized water (by OGYFI) which:
  • is from protected, underground aquifers layer, from one or more naturally or artificially found springs or wells.
  • Is inherently uncontaminated
  • has advantageous medical properties because of its mineral and trace element content, as well as other components
  • has an almost permanent component and temperature, or is in the limits of natural fluctuation
  • does not exceed the allowed component limits listed in regulation [65/2004. (IV.27.) FVM-EszCsM-GKM joint regulation] when bottled.
  • suits the regulation requirements in regards to microbiological criteria.

What's the difference between the mineral and spring waters?

65/2004. (IV.27) FVM-ESzCsM-GKM joint regulation determines the rules for the categories of natural mineral water, spring water, drinking water, drinking water enriched with minerals, and drinking water for bottling and marketing purposes. In regards to the components of the water itself, it does not label these because both can have high or low mineral contents. The labels differ from each other in regards to their treatment level. The most strict regulations apply to mineral waters, but spring water follows it within short distance.

Which curative water can be drink for slimming cure?

We suggest the MIRA curative water for dieting. Mira helps digestion and it speeds up metabolism. The newest examinations by professor Halmy Laszlo and his partner Dr. Kovacs Ferenc also support this. They treated overweight patients with 1000-1500 kcal energy content diets, which they supplemented with the dosage of 3 x 2 Mira curative water every day; the control group only received the diet. After four weeks, they discovered that the overweight people who drank the Miral glauber salty curative water had lost noticeably more weight than the ones in the control group. Besides this, significant improvement occurred in their serum cholesterol levels (LDL cholesterol and triglyceride, that signifies increased risk of atherosclerosis, decreased in the blood) and the usability of carbohydrates in the body improved (blood sugar level decreased).

Which curative water can be use in case of constipation?

The Hunyadi Janos, Ferenc Jozsef, Mira glauber salty curative waters and the Mira Baby children's curative water all belong to the types of laxative curative waters.The most concrete effects of these water is the cessation of constipation. Their difference mainly lies in their sulpate content, their effectiveness depends on this. Hunyadi Janos is the strongest of these, Ferenc Jozef, Mira, then Mira baby follow in line. We suggest the Hunyadi Janos curative water for those who have been fighting with stubborn constipation for a long time. The Ferenc Jozsef curative water has a slightly milder effect, and we suggest this for those who have not been fighting with the most stubber problem. With the daily dosage of 1-1 dl it ensures regularity. And we suggest the Mira curative water for pregnant women, for the commonly occurring constipation during pregnancy, the prevention of the development of hammeroids, since it is safe and only has a laxative effect. The Mira Baby curative water, as it name indicates, is suggested for toddler and small children, from the age of 3 months.

Where you can obtain curative waters!

You can get curative waters in any of the pharmacies in the country; in addition, they can be found in some chain stores (CORA, AUCHAN, MATCH, SPAR, KAISER'S, COOP ABC's) and a bigger selection can also be found in other grocery shops, herbal shops, and drugstores.

How is it possible that the Paradi sulphurous curative water can be used for acid deficiency as well as acid reflux?

The Paradi sulphurous curative water can truly be used in both cases, but the time when it is consumed is significant. In the case of acid reflux, it has to be drunk one to two hours before meals, while in the case of acid deficiency it has to be consumed during or after meal. So whether it increases or decrease gastric acid depends on its use.

Which curative water can be used for biliary illnesses?

The MIRA glauber salty curative water has been the typical medical water for biliary illnesses for decades. Its use is suggested for cholestasis, the aftercare of gallbladder infection, for restoration of normal biliary function after surgery, and for the prevention of gallstones. (Based on the newest medical examination, it is especially suggested for the decrease of high cholesterol levels.)