Aqua Friss product line

Aqua Friss product line
You can quickly compensate fluid loss with the consumption of the product, which is made with water that is collected from six Matra springs (Zso, Agnes, Sandor, Andor, Erzsebet, Zoltan). They are ideal for demineralization, that is, for the detoxification of the body because of their low mineral content.

AQUA FRISS non carbonated drinking water

For those who like non-carbonated waters.
In the heat it pleasantly freshens and quickly compensates fluid loss.

BÉBI AQUA drinking water for babies

This good quality drinking water, examined and approved by competent authority, is recommended for babies and small children/

It does not contain preservatives; carbohydrate ensures the preservation of the water's quality. It has to be boiled for five minutes before its consumption! By boiling it, carbohydrate leaves the water. (It is important to note that tap water does not become good quality water by boiling it, only bacterium die. The chemical quality and the mineral content of the water does not change).