FERENC JÓZSEF Bitter water

Ferenc József curative water
Main solved ingredients:
Magnesium (Mg2+): 1420mg/l
Sodium (Na+): 3610mg/l
Calcium (Ca2+): 360mg/l
Hydrogen-carb. (HCO3): 561mg/l
Sulphate (SO42-): 13100mg/l
Chloride (Cl-): 620mg/l
Sum total of ingredients: 21300mg/l


The two most important components of the Ferenc Jozsef curitive waters are glauber salt and bitter salt. Bitter salt is present in a larger quantity. Their effect on the body are determined by these two salts.


Articles regarding the effects of bitter salt have been reported on for more than a hundred years. Many doctors have used the Ferenc Jozsef curative water with great fondness as the treatment and cure for certain illnesses during the past decade and in the first half of this century. The Ferenc Jozsef bitter water is primarily used for the treatment of constipation and mild intestinal infection.
However, the bitter salt curative waters are not simply recommended for constipation, but for hemorrhoids that results from constipation as well. It is also suggested for the regulation of defecation, and for painful rectal and lower abdominal illnesses, in case of hernia.
Bowel movement speeds up as consequence of the regular consumption of bitter water which results in proteins and fats from nutrition going through the intestinal tracks more quickly. Less absorbs of these and of other nutrients in the body; it is practical to not drink curative water right before or after eating, but on empty stomach instead. It should be drank after eating if used for a diet supplement or against gaining weight.


The quantity of 2-3 dl is suggested as a one time laxative. The effect of strong bitter water for bowel movement and for catharsis develops between 12-24 hours. When diluted in water and if consumed lukewarm, it can result in defecation within 1-2 hours.
Bélrenyheség tartós kezelésére naponta 1-2 dl gyógyvíz elfogyasztása ajánlott.
Fogyókúra esetén, elhízás ellen naponta 3x1-2 dl ajánlott a főétkezések után.

The product cannot be used in the following cases

In the event of acute gastric and intestinal catarrh, lack of gastric acid, bleeding gastric and intestinal ulcer, the weakness of the heart, as well as diarrhoea, vomiting and significant loss of fluids brought on by other reasons.

Historical survey

The home of the Ferenc Jozsef bitter water is also in the 11th district, on Őrmező. Its history can be traced back to the history of Hunyadi Janos's curative water. With the success of the Hunyadi Janos curative water, Saxlehner Andras's neighboring owners also started to dig out wells and then bottling bitter water under different names during the 1860s and 1870s. Of all the lands, a bigger unit was developed only on the land of Ferenc Jozsef, which was established by Hirschler Mor. To decrease competition, The Saxlehner company bought a big part of the wells in 1893, and their success forced the other bottling of bitter waters to close down. Until today, only the Ferec Jozsef bitter water has survived of them.