DONAT MG curative water

Donát Mg curative water
Main solved ingredients:
Magnesium (Mg2+): 979mg/l
Sodium (Na+) 1470mg/l
Calcium (Ca2+): 368mg/l
Hydrogen-carb. (HCO3): 7580mg/l
Sulphate (SO42-): 1730mg/l
Chloride (Cl-): 58mg/l
Sum total of ingredients: 16693mg/l
Free carbon dioxide (CO2): 4340mg/l


DONAT Mg is a natural curative water that contains magnesium, sodium, hydrogen-carbonate, and sulphate. It is extremely rich in minerals, and is a natural source of magnesium.


It eases stomach pains, can be successfully used for heartburn, nausea, tympanitis, feeling of fullness, and for mild pressure around the stomach. It decreases acid reflux when consumed before meals. It stimulates the emptying of the gall, and it influences metabolic problems (diabetes). It decreases the formation of calcium oxalate and uric acid-stone. It positively effects heart rhythm problems, blood circulation, and it also complements the increased magnesium requirement (active sport activity, intense growth, pregnancy, and breast feeding). Magnesium deficiency is a risk factor for people who are susceptible to heart attacks. It helps with weight loss, stimulates blood pressure, and the process of osteoporosis can be stopped with its consumption.


Half of a liter can be consumed at the most of the Donat Mg (0.2-0.3 liters in the morning on empty stomach and 0.1 liter at noon and in the evening). A short curative water diet lasts 3 weeks while a long one for 5-6 weeks. The diet can be repeated after a fourteen day break. The speedy consumption of the curative water stimulates intestinal function. Slow consumption increases absorption.

The product cannot be used in the following cases

For kidney problems and edema. Its excessive consumption can lead to diarrhea for sensitive people, which can be stopped if you keep up with the consumption of the specified amount.