Mira water easily exretes and surely cures

If there is an ancient medicine, which has withstood the challenges of thousand of years, then the mineral solvent water can certainly be considered that.

If there is an ancient medicine, which has withstood the challenges of thousand of years, then the mineral solvent water can certainly be considered that. Like Dr. Zajkas Gabor, the prominent expert on the subject, worded that „curative waters are not used appropriately enough with our values as a medical tool for treatments.” His colleagues partly believe in that „medical treatment is more likely to turn towards those medicines that can be used more easily and has exact amounts of active substances, than in the direction to use curative waters.

The variously effective curative waters could not be waived even during the rigorous medicine centric periods, and today, even more consume mineral water because of environmental pollution. In addition, natural medicine has strengthened; the number of people who want to use naturally occurring substances – mineral salts dissolved in water- to ensure and maintain their health have risen.

Some curative waters- like clinical examinations demonstrated- can be used in the cases of various problems. With the effect mechanism, composition, and proposal of the Mira glaubersalty water, that springs up of the Tiszajenoi wells, I quote Dr, Zajkas Gabor again:
„Sodium sulphate (glauber salt) determines the composition of the Mira, but the curative water contains household salt, magnesium sulphate (bitter salt), as well. The Mira glauber salty curative water's moderate bitter salt content is a mild laxative, that has an intestinal cleaning effect. The curative water leaches the intestinal tracks, releases infectious matter from the mucous membrane, eliminates bacterium and degradation compounds that causes catarrh, and it empties it together with stool. This is why Mira glauber salty curative water is suggested for the treatment of milder acute enteritis...

Thanks to the the effect of glauber salt, the gallbladder contracts, and the gallbladder empties; stagnation that causes stone formation ceases.

As a quick laxative solution, 2-3 dl of Mira curative water can be consumed at once. The diet like drinking results in stool emptying without strain, which is important after stroke, hemorrhoid, high blood pressure, or atherosclerosis. For treating biliary tract and gall bladder infection, or if the patient is suffering from liver disease or diabetes, the daily quantity of 2-2.5 dl of mira natural glauber salty curative water is suggested to be consumed in portions.

The water consumption is contraindicated if one has acute gastritis, acid deficiency, gastric/ intestinal ulcer, heart problems, and if fluid loss has occurred through diarrhea or vomiting. Recent clinical studies classify Mira water for diets as well . Obese patients, next to low-calorie diets (1000-1500 kcal / day) drank Mira water, while the control group only received low calorie diets. The 15 Mira water consumers' weight decreased significantly more than that of the control group's. Additional studies indicate that the glucose load, the harmful LDL cholesterol, thereby the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, got significantly lower for those who drank the water.

Those who "only" want to maintain their weight, should drink a deciliter of Mira water per day.

The Baby Mira, intended for children, has about half the salinity of the Mira glaubersalty water; their components match each other. In case of constipation - depending on the age of the child - 1 table- spoon should be administered in quantities of up to 1.5 deciliter. Since the vast majority of small children dislike the bitter taste of the water, this negative effect can be mitigated with favored liquids (like kind of fruit juice).

Mira Baby is also an effective means for solving problems of older people and the the elderly.

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