A children's curative water- the possibilities of using mira baby for medical purposes

Hungary's mineral and curative waters are unique in quantity and quality all around the world. They are medically recognized and have excellent effects. They richly spring from many places, through natural ways and drilled wells.

Hungary's mineral and curative waters are unique in quantity and quality all around the world. They are medically recognized and have excellent effects. They richly spring from many places, through natural ways and drilled wells.

Our home waters are generally rich in micro and macro elements, so they aren't like simple thermal bath waters (waters that exceed 20 °C) but they are similarly as significant as the bottled mineral and curative waters that are made for revenue. It is also worth to mention that the water's content is extremely valuable biologically. From the curative and mineral waters those that were created from the retraction and termination of the Pannon- sea should be emphasized. These are especially strong curative waters, like the Buda glauber-salty and bitter salty waters (Hunaydi Janos and Ferenc Jozsef) or the tiszajeno glauber salty and bitter water (Mira, Mira Baby).

Our curative waters are unprecedent in their career value not only in the area of Austro- Hungary, but in other places of Europe and overseas as well. While they shipped Mira curative water to England, France, and even to South America in 1926, by 1986, only Austria had requested smaller portions. It has only been during the past decade, that with consideration to result of the newest research, that their medical significance was revised. In the border of Tiszajeno, the production of Mira glaubersalty and Mira Baby children's water has remained. These only differ in their strength. The latter one has similar content but has half as much mineral salt. The Mira curative waters are very versatile in the medical field. This can be explained by that besides its large concentration of salt it also contains different kinds of medical products. With its consumption, more kinds of complex effect prevail, which has a more unique importance in older age.

Curative waters, like the Mira waters, have many positive properties which cannot be said about the most advanced synthetic medicines. Besides the main active substances, they often contain uncountable amount of micro and macro elements. This is why they are the body's builders and biocatalysts; they support the physiological and healing processes in many ways. For example, while the sulphate ions, in sulphate curative waters, which hardly absorbed, are responsible for the laxative effect, other micro and macro elements that appear in large quantities, condition the body due to their easy absorption.

From our curative waters, six are living their Renaissance. Their market grows from day to day. In the following we will introduce the less recognized Mira Baby children's curative water. The Mira Baby contains 4.5 g of glauber salt (Na2SO4) and relatively little, 1.2 g, bitter salt (MgSO4). This has great significance in pediatrics, since in contrast to the Buda waters, it is not bitter, but has a slightly salty flavor. It can be easily given to children, especially when flavored in tea and others. It is child friendly.

The curative water, as we have mentioned, has laxative effect because of its sulfate content. The laxative effect develops in waters for two reasons:

  • Through osmosis, the strong salt solvent withdraws water in the intestines from surrounding tissues. Diluted, the stalled stool easily proceeds. Luckily, this osmosis is minimally prevailed in Mira Baby, because it is thin, it can be further diluted if needed (mineral water, tea, etc), and can almost be used without fluid loss.
  • Its main effect stems from the fact that sulphate ions in the intestines, with the help of biocatalysts, reduce to hydrogen sulfide (SO42- Þ H2S), which excite and empty the intestines.

After this, the first and most important question arises. What are laxatives used for in pediatrics?

  • Constipation.
  • Gastritis, or milder forms of enteritis:
    • viral and bacterial infections
    • consumption of bad or infectious food and drinks
    • Food that contains poisonous material, like mushroom or other toxic materials, polluted foods (heavy metals: lead, copper, etc)
    • Stomach and intestinal problems from bad nutrition (bowel disorder, bloating, etc)
    • adjuvant treatment

A general rule, that before other medical treatments (with the exception of exicosis) the quick secretion of the intestinal content always has to be done. This can easily be solved with the one time larger dose of Mira Baby. Also, in the case of heavy metal poisoning, the curative water's reduction product, hydrogen sulfide, is able to neutralize them effectively. The Mira Baby is a relatively mild laxative (also depends on the amount), that is an effective intestinal cleaner. It leaches the intestinal tracks, releases infectious matter from the mucous membrane, alienates bacterium, viruses, and its decay products that cause catarrh, and empties them with the stool.

Mira curative water raises a special laxative tool in pediatrics. For children, obesity is a result of improper nutrition and lifestyle, it is so common that it exhaust the definition of child illness epidemic. Its consequence lasts a lifetime, that is why its treatment has significant meaning.

The effects of a calorie and fluid poor diet on fat and carbohydrate metabolism was examined recently. Here is the the result:
Severely obese patients got 3 x 2 dl of Mira water for four weeks next to a daily 1000-1500 kcal content diet. The serum cholesterol level, LDL-cholesterol, triglyceride, sugar load curve, as well as the activation of some liver origin enzymes, the body's weight and fat mass significantly decreased. The patients reported normal stool emptying. In once case the cancellation of the treatment resulted from diarrhea. According to our results, we suggest the compensation of a hypokaloric diet with Mira water, which has a positive effect on decreased glucose tolerance and dyslipidemia that is a result obesity.

The result of the Mira water test for adults, with regards that there are no harmful side effects of the Mira Baby, in an analogue method that can be expended to children above the age of 10.

It can be said that addiction cannot develop even with the long term use of Mira Baby water. Harmful side effects of the water are unknown in contrast with other medicine.

This is where I would like to note that Mira baby is not only effective for pediatric use, but also in older age. It helps in treating and preventing illnesses that accompany older age, such as liver problems, diabetes, rheumatism, etc. Freed hydrogen sulphide gets partly absorbed and it positively effects sulfur metabolism in the intestines.

Contraindications: stomach pain from unknown origin, Lieus, infectious intestinal illnesses, bleedings, stool impaction, acid deficiency, and significant fluid loss.

Uncountable amount of laxative products are available in pharmacies and drug stores. These sulphurous curative waters are rarely used for medical treatment as a laxative (and for children the Mira Baby curative water), besides their known effectiveness and versatility, they are also the cheapest.

The Mira Baby is a registered curative water. In the seventies, it even enjoyed the social insurance's support. It is time for the medical community to rediscover it.